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trump shame

On Presidential Immunity and an Out of Control Supreme Court. July 1, 2024.

I am outraged and saddened beyond words. I am angry. Even in my deepest cynicism I didn’t think they would go this far. This is devastating.

The electoral college robs us of our votes, the supreme court robs us of justice. Right and good are left in the trash heap of raw political power and greed. These robed bandits are corrupt and arrogant, disgusting and transparently making shit up to pursue their dark political agenda of more power to the powerful and keeping democracy down, pushing it into a corner and stomping on it full force.

The Supreme Court is betraying our people, our country, the constitution and the dream that has held us together through a long slow evolution into a country more like our aspirations. A terrible darkness is descending upon our nation, our planet the dreams of justice and freedom.

Biden’s humanity is weak, Trump’s madness seems strong and the people seem to be so self absorbed that they cannot see or hears
Trump’s agenda of greed, self interest and lies.


trump shame

January 6, 2021

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Broken. Stephen Johnson. 2017.


Artists For Change

Justice, Peace & Planet

All things now are focused on healing this wounded nation. We must defeat Trump and his lies. We must tackle climate change.

  • We must protect our our precious earth.
  • We must have leaders that tell us the truth.
  • We must not let our differences overwhelm our vast common ground.
  • We must encourage maximum voter turnout and empower every eligible voter to vote.

An Open Letter on Voting 2020

Artists For Change:

We are a group of artists working together to help preserve and expand social justice, global peace and care for our planet.

We have decided to act rather than just talk about our horror at the electoral college appointment of Trump as a minority president.

Our efforts will concentrate on raising awareness, channel passion and commitment for people all over the world to work against Trump's climate change denial, treatment of woman, race baiting, division and disrespect for the truth.


Our sacred blue earth, our only home, fragile and alive, above the desert moon in the vastness of cold space.

Letters Artwork

11/13/16 A Letter to a Trump Voter Friend. Stephen Johnson

1/24/17 Trump Lost the Election but Gained the Presidency. Stephen Johnson

1/24/17 The "new normal" here in the USA is not really normal. Jeff Schewe



6/24/22 The Government Invades our Bodies

Shattered People. Pete Sucy


Managed by
Stephen Johnson
Human, Planet Earth. Citizen, United States of America.

Anti-Trump Protest Gallery SF 1/20/17

Women's March. San Francisco 1/22/17

Joan Baez Singing "Forever Young" for the Obamas. Whole Performance

Photo Gallery San Francisco International Airport Protest 1/29/17

AvaMariee Munguia. Indianapolis Women's Rally. 1/22/17

Trump Taxes Protest. San Francisco 4-15/17

March for Science. San Francisco 4-22-17

When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.
For art establishes the basic human truth which must serve as the touchstone of our judgment.

- John F. Kennedy
1963 Amherst College address

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Artists For Change